FinaCor Associates is an elite management and consulting firm. Since 1986, our advisors have helped corporations, institutions, governments and individuals reach their business and financial goals, and our clients have come to rely on our wide-ranging expertise. Our unwavering commitment to client service and our innovative and fact-based approach to problem solving as well as our commitment to transparency and clarity of deliverables is what sets us apart from large consulting companies.

The collaboration with our clients throughout projects is imperative because it enables us to fully support our clients as much as it helps us to attain practical and realistic solutions. We assume a fact-based attitude towards our clients’ challenges, ensuring the substantiation of our recommendations so that our clients have confidence in their choices and our abilities. We strive to strengthen and perfect our clients’ capabilities thereby significantly improving their overall success.

To accommodate our clients’ complex needs and the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace we remain focused on our business. We have extended geographic reach and state-of-the-art technological capabilities.

FinaCor Associates’ strategic plan includes three core business areas:
  • Financial Consulting
  • Corporate Solutions
  • Real Estate Management

FinaCor Associates’ mission is based on two fundamental principles – transparency and simplicity, and clarity of deliverables.

For questions regarding any of FinaCor Associates’ products and services, or to comment on our website, please call 212 | 310-0119